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Air Conditioning Repair

San Diego Air Conditioning Repair – San Diego, CA Looking for a reliable air conditioning repair company in San Diego? Need your air conditioning repair today? Let San Diego Air Conditioning’s same-day air conditioning repair service come to the rescue. Our air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation technicians are some of the most highly skilled air conditioning repair technicians in the area. So whether you need your commercial air conditioner repaired or your home air conditioning system replaced, let our team of factory trained and certified home central air conditioning repair technicians be there for you and your family.   […]

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The Warning Signs of a Inefficient Air Conditioner

Air conditioners wear out prematurely due to a lack of proper maintenance. Ignored, the efficiency of the air conditioner worsens. Let’s highlight a few of signs that can forecast the signals for a worsening air conditioner. 7 Things You Should Check with Your Air Conditioner 1) Check out for ice formation on the coils inside and outside of the house. This may occur due to a refrigerant leak somewhere in the air conditioner equipment 2) Listen out for unfamiliar sounds in the duct work. There may be something wrong with that particular part of the duct. Examine the area and […]

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Choosing a Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA— Recently, Dateline did an investigative report using hidden cameras on New Jersey heating and air conditioning contractors. They wanted to find out if the reputation the industry has of overcharging and misleading consumers had any truth to it, and the sad result was that all six of the companies they investigated performed poorly. Although the report was disheartening, we can learn from it, and focus on what homeowners need to know to combat this problem head on. Awareness is the best tool to protect yourself against anyone trying to rip you off. Research is the best way […]

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